River Radio – April 29 Replay Available

This week’s show – Bill McKibben on our climate future; An update on plans for O’Brien State Park

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Co-hosts Jim Maher and Gayle Knutson speak with

Bill McKibben, longtime environmental journalist and advocate on steps that can be taken now to combat climate change; and

Wayne Boerner, manager, William O’Brien State Park, with an update on proposed park improvements and other developments, including the impact of river flooding.

Also included is an update of local news. Matt Quast is technical director.

This Week’s Guests

Bill McKibben, journalist and environmental advocate
Third Act

Wayne Boerner, manager, William O’Brien State Park
William O’Brien Management Plan

Government Links:
City of Marine on St. Croix

City of Scandia

May Township

Washington County

Article links:
Bill McKibben – Climate Change is the Legacy of People over the age of 60 (The Guardian)

Bill McKibben – This Simple Math Problem Could Be the Key to Solving Our Climate Crisis (Rolling Stone)

St. Croix 360 – New members of Wisconsin town board revoke factory farm rules

Library Presentation on Greenland – Replay

Marine Village School Taco Fundraiser

Gammelgarden Opening Weekend

Public meeting on Osceola Bridge work

Business/Organization Links:
Marine Community Library

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