Annual Donations

Thank you for your interest in supporting Marine Community Library!

Please note that all donations to the Marine Community Library must go through the Marine Library Association. The Marine Library Association (MarLA) is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization that manages the Marine Community Library in partnership with the City of Marine on St. Croix and Washington County Library. MarLA is a Minnesota 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and all donations are tax deductible.

Donate Online

Click HERE to donate online with a credit or debit card, or via PayPal.

Or, Donate by Mail

Please make your check payable to Marine Library Association and mail it to

Marine Library Association
PO Box 85
Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047

We will send you a receipt of your donation. Please note if you wish your contribution to be anonymous.

Thank you for making a difference in our community!

How your annual donation helps

Although the Marine Community Library is a collaborative effort that includes MarLA, the city of Marine on St. Croix, and Washington County, MarLA sustains all operating expenses outside of the City and County contributions.

Operating expenses include:

  • Permanent book collection
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Programming and events
  • Marine Community Library collection software
  • Volunteer scheduling website
  • Furnishings and paint
  • Cleaning services
  • Various administrative materials

Request MarLA budget information by emailing

Endowment gifts

Would you like to give a gift to support our library forever? Consider a tax-deductible contribution to our endowed fund at the St. Croix Valley Foundation! The Marine Community Library Endowment Fund of the St. Croix Valley Foundation can accept a wide range of gifts, including cash, stock, real estate and other non-cash gifts. Are you finding that you don’t need your retirement savings as much as you once thought? If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a tax-free qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to our fund.

However you choose to give, your support will help ensure that the Marine Community Library is here for our community for generations to come. For more information, contact Heather Logelin, President & CEO of the St. Croix Valley Foundation at 716-386-9490 or

How your endowment gift helps

By design an endowment builds future income, using only the interest earned on the endowment fund for annual operations or special initiatives, with the principal remaining intact to stabilize the fund going forward. The St. Croix Valley Foundation’s endowed assets provide economies of scale to investments that would otherwise not be available to a smaller non-profit investor, along with the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio, reputable investment oversight and experienced donor administrative support.

By its very nature, an endowment fund relieves dependence on annual gifts, creating a stable income stream to ensure future program expansion and enhance financial stability. For the donor, an endowment fund perpetuates the donor’s values and priorities, creating a sense of immortality through an investment in our community.