River Radio – March 23 Replay

This Week’s Show – A green energy progress report; and growing up in a religious cult.

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Co-host Jim Maher speaks with ROBINSON MEYER, New York Times contributor and executive editor of HeatMap about the state of our green energy transition; and

Co-host Gayle Knutson talks with DARCY BECKER, who recently left a religious cult after more than 30 years.

Matt Quast is technical director.

This Week’s Guests
Robinson Meyer, New York Times Contributor/Founding Exec. Editor, HEATMAP

Darcy Becker, Former Cult Member
Fact sheet about “Church Without A Name”

More info about the Church

BBC story about the FBI investigation

FBI website to provide information

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City of Marine on St. Croix

City of Scandia

May Township

Washington County

William O’Brien State Park

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Ann Bancroft presentation at Scandia Parks and Trails

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Marine Community Library

Washington County Historical Courthouse

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