HELP! Participants’ Names Needed!

We have prizes! But we lost some names. 🙁

Dear Library Lovers,

We have a new mystery in our library – and no, it’s not a book – but it’s about books.

Here’s the synopsis:

During the course of the summer of 2023 a number of curious children and families participated in our Summer Reading Adventure. By mid-June there were quite a few completion sheets already turned in. By the beginning of August there were fewer sheets in the jar.

The question: What happened to the sheets?

The answer so far: After much work by our crack library investigators… we still don’t have the missing sheets.

So, we kindly request that if your family/children participated in the Reading Adventures Incentive program and deserve the book reward and the chance for the grand prize raffle, PLEASE reconnect with to let us know. The reward books should be in sometime in early September, and you will be notified when this happens.

How can you help? (The happy ending.) PLEASE send a message to with the name of the participant(s), their age and an email/phone number so we can find and include you in the fun.

If you think you might chat with someone who wouldn’t get this email – but might have participated, please share the information.

Thanks much,

The Children’s Committee