Bill’s 2023 Picks

Every year, Marine resident and library volunteer Bill Simpson, who is also a voracious reader, releases his “best of the year” list of books. This year’s list features all books that are available from the Marine Community Library. View the list, below, or download the list here.

Bill’s Picks- From the Marine Community Library for 2023


  1. The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store    James McBride (2023, 350p)  On “everyone’s” favorites list for 2023
  2. Scorched Grace   Margot Douaihy  (2023, 275p)  “Nun noir” featuring a punk rocker nun detective
  3. Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club   J. Ryan Stradal  (2023,335p)  A heart-warming “up North” Minnesota tale
  4. Small Mercies   Dennis Lehane (2023, 300p)  Another one of the year’s best books
  5. Demon Copperhead   Barbara Kingsolver (2022, 600p)  An Appalachian David Copperfield
  6. Crook Manifesto  Colson Whitehead  (2023, 275p)  Sequel  to Harlem Shuffle
  7. The English Experience  Julie Schumacher (2023,225p)  Minnesota author of Dear Committee Members


  1. The Wager David Grann  (2023, 250p)   A story of survival at sea by the author of Killers of the Flower Moon
  2. American Prometheus   Kai Bird and Martin Sherwood  (2005, 600p)  A must-read if you have seen the Oppenheimer film
  3. Empire of Ice and Stone   Buddy Levy Van (2022, 385p)  Another Arctic tale of betrayal, death and heroism
  4. Killers of the Flower Moon    David Grann   (2017, 300p)  Re-recommended as a companion to the Scorsese film of the same name


  1. The Murder Book    Thomas Perry  (2023, 400p) 
  2. All the Sinners Bleed   S. A. Cosby (2023, 350p)  African American sheriff in low country South Carolina
  3. City of Dreams    Don Winslow (2023, 300p)   Second in his “city” trilogy
  4. Independence Square    Martin Cruz Smith (2023, 260p)  Arkady Renko is in the Ukraine as Russia invades
  5. Flags on the Bayou    James Lee Burke (2023, 300p) A “stand-alone” from J.L. Burke
  6. The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons   Karin Smirnoff (2023, 350p) Continuation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series
  7. Holly    Stephen King (2023, 350p)  Holly Gibney has to be the most likable female Private Eye of all time

Audio: Recently acquired, CD format

  1. Demon Copperhead    Barbara Kingsolver  (2022, 20 hrs.) 
  2. All the Sinners Bleed   S. A. Cosby (2023, 13 hrs.) 
  3. Share    Prince Harry (2023, 13 hrs.)   
  4. The Oregon Trail    Rinker Buck (2016, 14 hrs.) 
  5. Life on the Mississippi Rinker Buck (2022, 12 hrs.)
  6. The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece   Tom Hanks (2023, 13 hrs.)
  7. The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store  James McBride (2023, 13 hrs.) Outstanding reader