The Marine Community Library depends on volunteers to make programs and services available. Currently over 60 volunteers are doing their part to keep the library doors open and the library staffed.

The Marine Library Association organizes all volunteer efforts. View the list of volunteer opportunities.

There are two types of volunteers for the library: the people that are staffing the library and volunteers for the activities and support of the library and Marla.

Staffing Vounteers

The library is open 21 hours throughout the week, and to support those hours there are 7 volunteer shifts of 3 hours each. Our goal is to have two volunteers staff each 3-hour shift. A lead volunteer is responsible for opening and closing and to serve as a liaison when technical problems arise. Other tasks are shared between the two volunteers.

Volunteer responsibilities include: shelving returned items, checking out permanent collection materials, light cleaning of the library at the end of the shift, answering questions, and providing help with software and the catalog. For more information download a copy of the volunteer handbook (PDF).

Initial training of all volunteers will take place in two sessions starting in early January of 2012. Each volunteer needs to select and attend one training session. Volunteers starting later will receive one-on-one training.


Volunteer shifts are coordinated through a web site: (A link to the website can be found on every page of this website in the lower left hand corner.) Volunteers who have access to a computer are expected to select their shifts via that web site monthly. There volunteers can also indicate their skills. Volunteers of all skill sets are welcome.

On the first of each month, volunteers will receive an email reminding them to schedule their shift for the following month. Volunteers are expected to sign up for their desired shifts by the 15th of the preceding month. Volunteers are responsible for covering their shifts if they are unable to fulfill their commitment. There is a list of back-up volunteers on

Volunteers who do not have computers should call the on-duty volunteer coordinator to select their shifts.

There are three volunteer coordinators:
Sue Logan
  Lead Coordinator  651 433-0007 
Loralee DiLorenzo  651 433-8500 
Mary Burke

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Other opportunities would include events such as fundraising, event planning, joining the board, programming such as story time, community education, kid's events, books clubs or author talks. For more information you can email the programming chair at For more information visit