Current Donation Criteria

We are currently accepting thoughtful donations of materials published or reprinted in the last three years which must be in excellent condition including:

Books for adults, teens and children
Audio Books on CD for all ages (unabridged only please)
DVDs for all ages

Thank you for your cooperation. All donations are tax deductible.

Special Request for Donations

We are hoping to increase our selection of:

Unabridged recorded books on CD
DVDs for all ages
Current bestsellers for adults
Current bestsellers for teens

We are very grateful for very current material that you are able to donate. THANK YOU!


Unused Donations

We are unable to accept materials withdrawn from other libraries, books that have inscriptions, torn pages or mildew.

Donations which meet our guidelines but we are unable to use due to duplication or space concerns will be given to either Books for Africa or Goodwill. Thank you!

If you have questions please email