The Marine Community Library is staffed entirely by volunteers. Although there will be no librarian available, a volunteer will be available to answer your questions or guide you to a resource for the answer.

Does the Marine Community Library participate in interlibrary loans?

Yes. This program allows library card holders of one library system to request and borrow library materials from other participating library systems, and have those materials delivered to the requesting borrower’s library of choice for a one-time loan. You can request a book from the Washington County, Melsa, and the MNLink systems. Washington County Library   Other library catalogs

When I request an interlibrary loan, where will the books be delivered?

Books can be delivered to the hold shelf inside the library, or to the lockers on the north side of the building, which are accessible 24/7. You’ll receive an email notification stating that your book is waiting for you on the hold shelf, or an email notification that includes the locker number and combination when your book has been delivered. The requested material will already be checked out to you when it arrives outside in the lockers. This is a change from how it worked as the Marine Branch Library. Requested material that arrives  inside on the hold shelf needs to be checked out.

How long do I have to pick up my interlibrary loans?

Books delivered to the hold shelf will be held for one week. Books delivered to the lockers will be held for 3 to 4 days.

What types of books are at the library?

There are three different book collections at the Marine Community Library. The browsing collection is from Washington County and can be checked out. They can be returned to the Marine Community Library or any other Washington County library.

The second collection is the permanent collection. These books, CDs, DVDs and audio books are catalogued and can be checked out using the Marine Community Library check-out system and your Marine Community Library bar code. You must use the Marine self-check system and not the County’s self-check. Please return permanent collection books inside the Marine Community Library if possible.

The third collection, the Paperback Exchange, is located outside the library in the entry hall, and belongs to the Marine Community Library. You can borrow these books without checking them out. You can also bring in new books to add to the Exchange – please drop them inside the library during open hours. Paperback Exchange books are not sorted or cataloged.


How are returned books checked back into the library?

Volunteers check in the Marine Community Library’s permanent collection books. Browsing collection books are shipped back to Washington County, checked in there, and then shipped back to Marine. Please allow a few extra days for returns. Paperback Exchange books should be returned to the Exchange carousels. Please do not return Paperback Exchange materials in the drop box outside the library.

Why, when I check out a book at the Marine Community Library, does my receipt show the barcode for the book, rather than the title?

This is a precaution due to Washington County's privacy policy. Under this policy only a library employee has computer access to the books you're checking out. If you review or renew at the Your Account page on the web site only the bar code numbers will be displayed there as well.

Are there periodicals I can read?

Yes. We have some newspapers in the library as well as magazines. Magazines arrive either by a donated subscription or by a donor bringing in each issue to display on the shelf. Volunteers will recycle older issues.

Subscriptions may be sent to Marine Community Library at PO Box 85, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047.
All donations are tax deductible

How can I donate books, periodicals or other materials to the library?

Donations for the paperback exchange can be dropped off inside the library. Donations for the permanent collection must meet specific criteria.  Please see the Donations Policy page for details. If you have any questions email 
or call 651-433-2820.

How can I renew materials?

Marine Community Library materials must be renewed inside the library. Materials from the County's browsing collection can be renewed inside the library or online at the Washington County Library Review My Account page.