May 16, 2020

The Marine Community Library is pleased to announce that we will allow patrons to check out books! We will offer contactless Saturday curbside pickup and home delivery for patrons who request library materials by telephone or email. The first pick-up/delivery date will be May 23, 2020.

The library board approved a plan to safeguard volunteers and patrons that we will test on May 23rd, and tweak as needed in order to continue to offer access each Saturday.


Volunteers will not come into direct contact with patrons, they will wear masks and gloves when handling checked out materials, books and all other media will be quarantined for a week before being shelved for further lending. CDC guidelines say that the virus is unlikely to remain on a surface like a book cover for more than 3 days and we are planning on 7 days. Volunteers will respond to a brief health checklist before beginning their shift and agree to report near-term later illness to their health care provider for appropriate tracing.


1.   Select the title of the book you wish to request.

Go to the Marine Community Library website,, and select the MCL Catalog option in the header of the page. Type in some or all of the title or author of the book you wish to check out. The result of the query will let you know whether it is a title we carry. You will need to provide the book title and author, your full name, telephone number, and address with delivery instructions (if you are requesting delivery).

2.   Submit your request in an email with the above information to anytime. Or make your request by telephone at 651-433-2820 on Saturday morning between 9:30 and 10:15 when a volunteer is able to answer the call in person.

3.   Pick up your book between 10:30 - 12:00 noon that Saturday. A bag with your first name on it will be on a cart in front of the library if the weather is nice, and in the Village Hall just outside the library door if the weather is inclement. You will need to adhere to social distancing with other patrons as you pick up.

4.     If you are not leaving your home, you may request delivery as long as you live within 10 miles of the library. When you make your request please give the instruction that you wish to have delivery and the volunteer will discuss direction and drop off procedures with you. Drop offs will occur after 12noon on Saturday.

5.     When your book is due or you have completed reading it, you may drop it in the Washington County Library book drop. Again, if you are not leaving your home you may call the library on Saturday morning to arrange a pick up by a volunteer.

Our Collections committee has procured many new books in the past months. A full list is on our website.