Date:  March 22, 2018

Time:  7:00pm

Join Marine Community Library for an author talk on Thursday, March 22, 7 pm, at the historic Marine Village Hall.

Join The Electricity of Life[1] author T. H. Harbinger for an evening exploring the story of how Otto and Viola Schmitt invented a crucial technology that helped win World War II, and then went on to establish the field of biomedical engineering in Minnesota.

The author became aware of Otto and Viola Schmitt while working at the University of Minnesota and became fascinated by their story. It illustrates the role of outliers in our lives. Otto’s life-long goal was to create a valuable and lasting impact for society. Viola was committed to contributing to science, not just in supporting her husband. They both worked in the secret government laboratory on Long Island during World War II.

The focus on Professor Otto Schmitt and his development of the first Magnetic Airborne Detector for use during World War II makes for an excellent illustration of the life and importance of scientists.

About the author - T.H. Harbinger (aka - Jim Lenz)

He has worked for Boeing, Honeywell, the University of Minnesota, and John Deere, and has been involved with more than 100 new product developments. He has 20 patent awards and has published more than 50 technical papers ranging on topics related to electromagnetics, sensors, electronic designs, control circuitry, software development, and management of technology. He holds a MS degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin.

He currently is a Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana in the Business School. He is developing new courses and researching the Management of Innovation, primarily related to software technologies.

He has authored a series of short stories that are part of the Only in Fargo series and Short Stories after living in Germany. He is currently specializing in historical fiction works based on scientists and their impact to society.