Date:  August 11, 2017

Time:  7:00pm

Lee Lynch will discuss why the population of Minnesota will boom in the coming years as he shares the amazing facts about Minnesota. Mr. Lynch and his wife, Dr. Terry Saario, were each recruiting a senior executive to move to Minnesota, and when they looked to travel bureau and state information to share with the prospective Minnesotans, no source conveyed the depth and breadth of life in Minnesota. Lee decided to compile a more comprehensive description, ranking the state and the Twin Cities on almost every dimension of life. How do we compare against other states or localities? What are some unusual facts even locals don’t know that would help describe our amazing state? The result is Amazing Minnesota. Whether you have lived here your whole life, or are a newcomer to the state, or want to convince your smug New York state relatives about the quality of life here, you will learn something!

Please join the Marine Community Library for this Author Talk on Friday, August 11, 2017, at 7 pm at the historic Marine Village Hall, 121 Judd Street, Marine on Saint Croix. Mr. Lynch will have books hot off the press and available for sale.

Free. All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

“Minnesotans are brought up to be self-effacing and sheepish and hangdog about our state—it’s the curse of Lutheranism—and finally Lee Lynch has broken through this plywood ceiling and come right out and shown how terrific we are. This is a far, far better book than I could have written.” — Garrison Keillor, graduate of Anoka High School, Anoka, Minnesota

Lee is the founder of Carmichael Lynch, one of the top ten most creative agencies in the world. Lee retired from CL in 2008 and immersed himself in other businesses and nonprofit activities. He and his wife live in Minneapolis and have a weekend home in Marine on Saint Croix.

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